Our solution is easily customizable for each restaurant. We offers a complete online solution for restaurants.

Online solutions for restaurants

Automate your restaurant's online business in no time on our cloud based platform

Take online orders on your website, motivelinks profile, motivelinks search or other search engines like google. Design a custom online order form and you are ready to go.

Online Ordering

Make customer reservations or post special events on multiple easy to use calendars. Your calendars can be placed on your public website or shared with your employees.


Maintain inventory of items and generate reports to replanish the stock as it depletes. Maintain other custom data such as your menu etc.


Use our online designers to create custom coupons, customer survey, feedback, and user referal compaigns. Send out mass email messages to market your restaurant.


Create yourself fully functional mobile friendly websites for your restaurant using our web designer. Select from our website templates or bring your own template.


Create custom reports for virtually anything that you may be interested in for example online orders, menu items, survey results, website usage etc.


Modern platform and design tools

Completely custom solution for your restaurant, do it yourself or call our support.

Cloud Based Solution

Never worry about hosting websites, downloading applications, taking backups or buying servers. Access your account from anywhere with Internet access.

Highly Customizable

Create your own custom websites, custom menu items and online order forms. As your menu, order process etc. change, the sytem can handle your custom changes.

Connected Processses

Your customerts and vendors each get their own account and conduct online business with you such as place orders, make reservations, receive coupons or refer you etc.

Simple Setup

Register your restaurant on motivelinks and a simple wizard will set you up in minutes. Then customize solution at your own pace or call support.

See how motivelinks will completely automate online business for your restaurant!

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MotiveLinks is a powerful platform. It connects businesses and integrates business processes with people and data. Both, the product and the team are truly exceptional.

Dawn Woods King

DWKing Talent Management

We setup an online prescription application on MotiveLinks in few hours. It is very flexible, easy to use and connects doctors to patients, pharmacies, test labs for online prescriptions.

Dr. Dinesh Sharma

Aditi Clinic and Diabetes Center

Our pricing

Registration, single page website and communication platform are free for all users.

$69 /mo
billed monthly
One Website
Form Designer
One Calendar
Employee Accounts
Online Ordering
Email Technical Support
$399 /mo
billed monthly
Everything in Basic
Online Marketing
Multiple Websites
Order Reporting
Muiltiple Calendars
Phone Support
$999 /mo
billed monthly
Everything in Standard, including
Inventory Management
Vendor Management
Form and Data Encryption
POS Integration
Referrals and Coupons
Premium Support
CUSTOM BUSINESS PLAN - call us for pricing if premium plan doesn't meet your requirements or if you need content support.
For Business Users (Works for all business types):
Web Forms -
Use webforms from our Forms Gallery a good collection of forms - "discount coupons","flight status", "Invoice" etc. or create your own cutom forms.

Web Applications
Use applications from our application store - "Online Prescriptions","Online Ordering" etc. or create custom web applications with simple drag & drop operations. No programming required.
Create fully functional company website in minutes. Choose from our website templates or create your own.Add functionality to your website - Web Forms, Calendars and Business Data.
Appointments & Scheduling
Create calendars, publish events and schedules. Allow your clients to make appointments online on your website.